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Turnkey software solutions to migrate  or export documents from several different ECM platforms.  High speed, multi threaded export and import routines and built in audit trail capability.  Included monitoring alerts staff to issues and reports on metrics such as number of documents exported, converted to PDF and imported.

Migrations are offered as a service or stand alone software purchase for self service migrations.

Migration Software

Export or Migrate documents from FileNet CS, FileNet IS, FileNet P8, OnBase and Synergy

The workflow class library (WCL) product is a re-usable base framework for developing custom FileNet component adaptors.  All too often sites let their own developers or contractors ‘figure’ out how to implement custom adaptors without regard to re-usability and best practices. This leads to spaghetti code without structure and low turn around time for development, testing and workflow malfunctions.  Previously this product was provided to customers only as part of consulting service engagements and is now available as a stand alone product with source code.

BECM BPM Framework

FileNet P8 custom component adaptor source code development kit

Choice list manager is a low cost utility that allows end users or system administrators update FileNet P8 choice lists.

Drag-Drop delimited text files to quickly create hierarchical choice lists that contain thousands of items, easily sort choice lists or specific group items, cut-paste nodes to different locations in the tree and export the choice list values to text files.  Simple 5 minute installation and affordable site licensing.

BECM Choice List Manager

Enable end users and relive IT from a menial task

Bulk Loader makes it easy for anyone to bulk load data into FileNet P8 systems using excel worksheets. The program is exceptionally simple, reliable and robust.  Unlike other solutions simple bulk loader pre-validates the user metadata prior to P8 property constraints prior to allowing the user to bulk import.  Exceptions are easily identified and fixed by the user and embedded drop downs for properties choice lists simplify corrections.

Bulk Loader for FileNet P8

Export or Migrate documents from FileNet CS, FileNet IS, FileNet P8, OnBase and Synergy

ECM Workstation is a comprehensive user interface and scan application for FileNet P8 content management systems. With integrated simple sign on, drag drop of documents with quick indexing of metadata fields, bulk metadata updates, version editor restack, bulk multi threaded download with excel manifest,  bulk import from multi sources, bulk printing and bulk filing.  The included choice list editor and custom data sources allow you to associate properties to databases or web services for multi-column drop downs that even return image data types.  Custom property format strings allow the administrator to define both display and edit format expressions.  The embedded scan application supports high speed scan document scanning, barcode generation, continuous scan with barcode detection, barcode generation and multi threaded OCR to searchable PDF.  

ECM Client is available as a stand alone application or enterprise solution, please check the product page for details.


BECM Workstation for FileNet P8

Power tools for FileNet P8 systems…. Take charge of your content!