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Bulk Importer quickly adds documents and metadata to FileNet P8 4.x/5.x electronic content management systems.  Currently in use in six countries and multiple industries ranging from healthcare, manufacturing and federal government. The bulk importer program was designed with novice and advanced users in mind with self guided operation from logon to upload.

Bulk importer for FileNet P8 validates metadata prior to upload preventing user errors which would otherwise be rejected by the rules of the content management system. The user is notified of all failed validations which must be corrected before uploading can begin. Single, multi value and choice list based properties (data) can all be imported into your FileNet system. Versioning is just as simple using recurring data elements.

The auto complete file path feature will auto populate the full file path when provided a target folder and simplify populating the file name in the excel source file. This saves considerable time and prevents data entry errors when completing spreadsheets for import.  Once documents are imported the user may file the newly added documents to P8 folders by a simple click and browse menu option.

Bulk importer is a multi threaded program providing fast and dependable bulk document uploading to FileNet P8 repositories. The program was recently benchmarked to validate 600,000 documents, file paths and metadata fields in less than 30 seconds. Imports make use of FileNet’s batch ingestion ability to easily add 50 documents per second. The import program can be installed on any Microsoft operating system (client or server) that has minimal dependencies such as .net framework and a network connection. For advanced bulk loading including xref validation please view our ECM workstation product.

The bulk loader product is site licensed with no additional runtime or royalty fees of any kind.

BECM Bulk Importer for FileNet P8

Easily import thousands of documents using excel data files. Includes preflight validation, versioning and optional folder filing.

Key Features

Customer review:  “The bulk loader is awesome and easy to use, thank you!”

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