Electronic Content Management software and consulting services




Let BECM install or upgrade your FileNet P8 content management system. Our team of experienced and certified professionals have a proven track record of success that will help you take your ECM platform to the next level.

We also provide daily operational support with quarterly or annual agreements. Support ranges from administrative patch updates, day to day monitoring and second level incident support. Optionally we can evaluate your FileNet P8 system, implement recommended best practices to get ahead of the problems and minimize support requests.

If you are rolling over hardware, patching your system, moving workflow databases or implementing high availability for FileNet P8 we can help.

For AutoCAD to P8 assistance we have completed a number of projects such as raster embedding into the drawing, bulk conversion of Microstation to AutoCAD, bulk DWF plotting and updating of drawing title blocks.

FileNet P8 Content Management

Installs, upgrades and support

FileNet workflow is a comprehensive and sophisticated product that will help you get the most value from your ECM installation. We can mentor your staff or deliver a turnkey solution for you.

We have extensive experience with the FileNet P8 workflow designer, custom step processors and work performers capable of integrating to your LOB technology.  We can integrate you custom databases to FileNet workflow step processors, merge workflow and attachments into one user interface in addition to advanced workflow roster and inbasket filtering.

All of our solutions are designed with simplified support in mind and include knowledge transfer to your site administrators.


Workflow design, customization and implementation

BowenECMSolutions has worked with FileNet Records management (IER) since the original release of the product. Using customized workflow to declare and synchronize records is our specialty.

If you have a onetime or ongoing need to download documents in bulk please review the BECM client product capable of downloading thousands of documents an hour along with associated metadata.  Need to cull documents that do not meet search criteria, not a problem easily select a range fo documents by filtering and then remove from search results by a simple delete keystroke.

If you need help declaring records via review processes, customizing the disposition workflow, reporting or implementing barcode and RFID technologies please contact us.


Records management, retention, compliance and classification