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The workflow class library (WCL) product is a re-usable base framework for developing custom FileNet component adaptors.  All too often sites let their own developers or contractors ‘figure’ out how to implement custom adaptors without regard to re-usability and best practices. This leads to spaghetti code without structure and low turn around time for development, testing and workflow malfunctions. To the contrary, the workflow class library product streamlines FileNet BPM development, eliminates developer guess work and implements best practice OOP design when creating new work performers (custom components) in FileNet BPM systems.  

WCL is the result of iterative design, development and in production use over the past five years.  Previously this product was provided to customers only as part of consulting service engagements and is now available as a stand alone product with source code. WCL is not a proprietary framework, it is java source code that is a base work performer and immediately extensible by the site developer(s).  

WCL features: Helper classes for content engine and process engine objects including session, properties, class definition, fetch, property inspection, property cache, page filters, comparer, property synchronization, property set and get, common and reusable OOP framework, complete documentation.

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Workflow class library for FileNet P8 Business Process Manager

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